How To Make 50 Dollars A Day With A Quiz Website

In this guide, I will teach you How To Make 50 Dollars A Day using a Google AdSense and a Quiz plugin.

Don’t worry. I won’t sell you anything here. I want to share a method that generates me some good income during the pandemic. Please take it as my good deed for the day. 

This guide contains a few affiliate links that will help me make a few cents at no extra cost for you.

These days, quizzes became increasingly popular and are used by numerous online firms to entertain, gather insights, and generate viral materials. Quizzes perform very well for traffic monetization – that’s nothing new. That’s one of the reasons why many publishers use quizzes on their website or even build quiz-only pages to keep the visitors engaged.

quiz keyboard
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In this post, I will use Google AdSense, as this is the most popular global ad network. However, you can use any other ad network alternative to AdSense with this method. In fact, I highly recommend you do combine two or more ad networks – you know, the “never put all your eggs in the same basket” thing. 

We’ll learn more about that later.

Project Goals

Your Ad profit and monetization depends on two factors: traffic performance and user behavior. In simple words: how many visitors you can bring to your website, and how long can you make them stay.

Your goal should be to keep your visitors engaged with quizzes while “squeezing” the maximum monetization from the Ads placed on your website. 

The more page views your visitors will click on your website, the more paid Ad impressions will be generated. 

For example: 1 quiz = 20 questions = 20 pages per visit = 20 ads impressions.

And this is only from one quiz and one visitor. The more visitors you bring to your website, the more money you’ll make.

You can make 50 dollars a day or 2000. It’s all about you!

Things You Need

  1. A domain name (preferably .com domain). I buy all my domain from NameCheap – as low as 0,99$ per year!
  2. Hosting. I use TMDHosting as they have great support, an awesome dashboard and you can get hosting for as low as 2.95$ per month!
  3. Any free WordPress theme. Theme Grill compiled a massive list of the Best Free WordPress Themes. Check it out!
  4. Any quiz plugin that supports Ads. For my quizzes websites, I use Quiz and Survey Master as it’s easy to use and, most importantly, free!
  5. An AdSense account. Any other Ad network will work as well.
  6. Traffic. We will cover this in a bit. 

Quiz Plugin Setup

I will not cover how to install WordPress and your chosen theme in this post. It’s a straight forward process and is covered everywhere on the Internet.

If you choose TMDHosting as a hosting provider and don’t know how to install WordPress or a theme, open a ticket, and the TMDHosting Support team will assist you with that.

Note: You can create a new website for quizzes or add a quiz plugin to your existing website to increase user engagement and lower your bounce rate – it is completely up to you.  

Once your WordPress and theme are up and running, head over to your WordPress Dashboard, click on Plugins > Add Plugin, search for Quiz and Survey Master. Install the plugin. 

install quiz plugin wordpress
Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) WordPress plugin

On your WordPress Dashboard, select QSM > Create New Quiz/Survey

make a new quiz
QSM: Create New Quiz/Survey
name your first quiz
QSM: Create New Quiz Or Survey

I advise keeping your quizzes around a maximum of 15-20 questions to keep a good balance between time and the challenge. I found the 4 answers per question formula to work the best but feel free to experiment. Type your question, answers, check the box with the correct answer + a short explanation why that’s the correct answer, and click Save Question.

create questions for make 50 dollars a day quiz
QSM: Create your first quiz

Repeat the process for how many questions you have in your quiz and post the quiz short-code in your article.

How it works

Let’s assume you got your first 15 questions quiz. You will need to set up ad units near your quiz content area. 

You will need to create a Google AdSense account if you don’t already have one, or subscribe with any other ad network out there.

Note: You will need to have your site populated with articles before applying for an ad network. If your content is thin, you stand a good chance to be rejected. In addition, Google AdSense requires you to have at least 100 visitors per day to get approved.

Create your ad and copy the code snippet.

how to make 50 dollars a day
Google AdSense code snippet

Copy and paste the HTML code from the Google Adsense code snippet generator in the ad units on your website and quiz pages. You can use the WordPress Custom HTML widget as ad units for that.

Every time a visitor will play your quizzes, the quiz plugin will open a new page for every question. Since you placed ad units on these pages, the user’s activity will generate ad impressions and clicks. In exchange, you will get ad revenue. 


Now, creating a website just with quizzes and nothing else makes no sense. We need to attract visitors, and for that, we need to encourage search engines to index our website. For that, we need content. 

I know everyone says, “Content is king,” but trust me, IT IS! 

People visiting your website must find what they are looking for, otherwise they’ll leave. 

If you decide to build a new website for this quiz method, spend some time choosing the right niche that can fit your audience. It doesn’t make much sense to have traveling quizzes on a technology website. Agree?

Write an article of at least 1000 words for each quiz. Don’t copy content from other websites – you may run into duplicate content or copyright issues and not being allowed into the Google AdSense program. 

Just head over to Wikipedia and look for articles in your niche and write your own content/quizzes.

You don’t have to hire a writer if you cannot afford it. Try to write your posts and quizzes yourself – it will take some time at first, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick. 

If you already have a website with content, the process is straight forward. Choose a few posts on your website that attract the most traffic, and add quizzes to them. 

How to Get Traffic 

Ok, this might be the place where you spend most of your efforts to scale up your revenue. You can make 10$ per day or 1000$, depending on how much effort you want to put into advertising your quizzes on social media.

The good news is that it is not hard to get traffic for your website as people already love quizzes. 

Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, etc., are great places to get visitors for your quizzes and referral traffic for your website. 

social media make 50 dollars a day

The most important part here is to look for relevant social media groups where to post your quizzes. You can get banned pretty fast if you ignore this aspect.

For example: if you make a quiz about the latest MacBooks, look for the relevant Apple user groups on social media. Posting on the relevant fan groups brought me over 2000 visitors per quiz for one of my websites. That’s pretty decent, right?


The moment you put ads on your website, you start to make money. I recommend CPM (Cost per Mile). With CPM, you will make money either if you get ad impressions or clicks on the ad. That’s a Win-Win!

You can push your revenue even further by using multiple ad networks on your pages. This setup is a bit more complex, and I’ll explain it in a future post.  

Why this is one of my favorite methods to make money online? Because you’re getting paid for the amount of work you put in it. As I said before, you can make 50 dollars a day in your first few months. From there to 1-2000 dollars a day is just a matter of scaling!

Tips & Tricks 

  • I found that entertainment quizzes, especially those focussed on TV shows such as Seinfeld or Star Wars, work very well! 
  • Make sure you use long descriptions on your welcome pages if you decide to go for a quiz-only website to prevent Google from classifying your website as “thin content.”
  • Set up your quiz plugin to not index the pages it creates for quizzes. Quiz and Survey Master automatically does that for you. Again, this will prevent the Google crawler from indexing those internal pages and not having your website marked as “thin content.”
  • Encourage your visitors to play another quiz once they finished one. The trick is to squeeze as many ad impressions per visit as possible, to maximize your ad revenue.
  • If your quiz plugin doesn’t include widgets, make sure the WordPress theme you chose supports ads in the quiz. 

That’s it. A simple method that can make a significant impact on your income – especially in times like this. 

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