How To Grow A YouTube Channel Fast In

How to Grow A YouTube Channel Fast [2021]

Looking for a fast and safe way to grow a YouTube channel in 2021? Here are some tips I found to be working for my channel so far.

I often tell people complaining about their daily job trying to grow a YouTube channel first. If you came here looking for some advice, you know what I mean. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. I you want to Grow a YouTube channel in 2021, you must already know that the task is quite challenging – to say the least. However, not impossible. 

I will keep things simple.

You first have to understand that there are a few different kinds of traffics on YouTube: 

YouTube Search Traffic 

You gotta do some Youtube SEO; I won’t go into many details here because it’s quite a large topic that deserves its own post. One good piece of advice is to stay away from all  the “magic SEO bullets” on websites like Fiverr – if you care about your channel. 

YouTube is a money-making machine for Google, and they constantly improve the algorithm to detect artificial traffic. You’ve been warned!

The second piece of advice would be to stay away from all regurgitating outdated information on the Internet (YouTube included). Think about it: if everyone does it, it no longer works. 

Do your keyword research, don’t rank for dumb terms that get no traffic or terms that are too competitive – the top videos are ranking on Google as well, and the content is most likely better than yours. 

You can have it figured out pretty easily like me if you put in the effort to test various variables like Search Term, Watch time, Click Through Rate (CTR), Engagement, Titles, Tags (I have already given you a BIG clue here, if you can’t figure it out then maybe YouTube is not for you).

Can a new video outrank an old video with thousands of likes and millions of views? Yes, on YouTube, it will take only a few days to do so. 

However, even if you rank on Youtube for search, it isn’t sustainable if your niche is tough. Your competition is most likely ranking in Google videos too. Don’t let YouTube fool you with their search volume on Google trends. The search volume on the ‘big G’ is usually bigger, and your competitors will outrank you easily again. Be smart about it. 

YouTube Browsing Features 

For YouTube browsing features either on Home or the side of other videos: it’s basically just the watch time and the tags you use. 

How to get High watch time? Figure out a way to get High retention views from real people, and NEVER EVER use bots to push traffic to your videos – you’ll have issues with monetization down the road or, even worse, get your channel banned. You don’t really need thousands of views; it’s just a percentage. The volume is only needed to hedge the drop in percentage if your video is performing badly – people stop watching at the start. 

In this case, don’t even bother posting that video.

How to get legit views? Figure out YouTube SEO first – this is your starter traffic.

Yes, there are massive amounts of video uploads on YouTube, but there is also a massive number of viewers every day. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s impossible. They probably haven’t tried it. 

Quality Content

I’m sure you heard this before. Everyone says posting quality content is true, just that not many find a way to connect the dots. Quality content gets you higher watch time longevity, allows your video to get recommended more often, and achieves that “Viral” effect. 

Another trick is to post a really short video, so your percentage doesn’t drop drastically. Of course, this depends on your niche.

Remember, you are getting paid for Watch Time! 

In short, the number of subscribers and likes doesn’t really matter. 

You need outstanding content. And that’s where your main efforts should be. 

So, how or when your video will go viral? You have no control over it. The only certainty is quality engaging content. The algorithm will decide to test your video against a certain user profile randomly. If the video CTR is good, and your watch time holds up, it will try again with another viewer interested in your niche. If it is clicked and holds up again, it will keep testing with more users, and gradually it will speed up the process. 

Just pump out more short videos and wait; it will get faster on your 2nd viral video when YouTube recommends your content to your subs + people who have previously watched your video. 

Another trick here is to use your unique brand as a tag to get recommended more often.

 I have had a video blow up to 80k views within a day only to sizzle at 150k because the watch time dropped totally new channel btw.


Use Search to get initial traction for your videos, so the recommendation algorithm kicks in to test your videos (as explained above). If you use fake traffic, your video will not be recommended properly because the bots do not have the right interests tag. Your video will fail the CTR test and never take off.  

There are many more tricks than what I presented in this article, but if you do your homework and put some skin in the game, you will figure that out unless you are keen to wait for my next post.

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