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The 5 Essential Marketing Concepts [2021]

In this article, we will cover the 5 essential marketing concepts that everyone should know before diving into deeper waters. The business landscape changed dramatically in the past decades and continues to do so. Nonetheless, come core marketing concepts remained…

What Is MARKETING and What Is NOT [2021]

In this article, we’re going to understand What Is MARKETING and What Is NOT, and why there is so much confusion surrounding this topic. So what is marketing, anyway? Is marketing the same as sales, advertising, customer support, or visual…

Free BITMEX AI Trading Bot [2021]

What you do when you’re forced to stay indoors? Develop and train an AI Trading Bot and put it to some good use. And I’m giving it away for free! I spent 2020 developing and training my BITMEX AI Trading Bot algorithm…

Explained: What is Quantum Computing? [2021]

Quantum computing enables the potential of harnessing data almost with supernatural powers. Quantum computers are inspired by the way particles such as electrons and protons behave in nature, and researched by the field of Quantum Mechanics in Physics.  Quantum computing…