7 Personal Development Books You MUST Read in 2021

In this article, we’ll have a look to the best 7 Personal Development Books you must read in 2021.

One of the most important investments worth making in 2021 is personal and professional growth. Employers admire individuals willing to continually learn in a time of considerable complexity while possessing the requisite experience and expertise to respond to changes in the business world.

7 Books On Personal Development You MUST Read in 2021
7 Books On Personal Development You MUST Read in 2021. Source: Pixabay

Based on elite readers and reviews from various professional writers, BookAuthority selects and assesses the best personal growth books available. Whenever you have spare time or while you’re traveling (hopefully soon), we highly recommend you to read the following books focussed on personal growth in 2021.

Invaluable: Master the 10 Skills You Need to Skyrocket Your Career

Source: Amazon

Autor: Maya Grossman

Do you have ambitious career goals for the new year, and you have no idea how to take the first step? Did you get a degree or two, but it’s hard for you to switch from theory to practice and make things work in the “real world.” Or maybe you want to switch to a new career and don’t have the right skills to do so? In this practical captivating book, marketing specialist and job consultant Maya Grossman introduces 10 skills that any applicant must acquire to transition from a “typical” nominee to a talent that every organization needs to attract and retain.

You can learn how to cultivate an entrepreneur’s unique mindset and build your own career growth opportunities. Invaluable covers real-life stories and lessons to make it easier for you to apply the 10 skills. Maya reveals tactics that made her earn 10 job promotions in 15 years in companies like Google and Microsoft, and rises from an executive to a vice president. Invaluable is a must-have addition to your books on personal development stack.

Get A Life

Source: Amazon

Autor: Rick Hughes

Since you work from home, the balance between work and personal life is maybe good. In reality, both aspects frequently overlap. The harmony between work and personal life can be difficult to achieve and sustain as you grow professionally and as conditions change. Get a Life Personal is an effective guide to help you disassociate your life’s two facets and give each one a healthy dose of time. 

Written by Rick Hughes, an experienced wellness trainer, advisor, and consultant, it addresses a variety of topics from self-assessment, delegation and workload management, the myths of perfectionism to on-site relationship management and accountability. You will learn valuable ideas, explore case studies and action plans based on the author’s over 25 years of experience to find the equilibrium that works for you best. Master the work-life balance in a nutshell.

Shift Your Mind: 9 Mental Shifts to Thrive in Preparation and Performance

Shift Your Mind
Source: Amazon

Author: Brian Levenson

Looking to improve yourself by changing your mindset? Struggling to improve your soft skills?

Shift Your Mind comes to the rescue!

You’ll learn nine behavioral improvements that make it easier for you to achieve great results fast. You’ll understand the significance of each of these improvements and when to apply them. Shift Your Mind is one of those great books on personal development; it should be definitively on your bookshelf.

Author Brian Levenson is introducing his way of dealing with elite individuals. Every chapter includes activities that encourage you to achieve progress by using visualization, mindfulness, and self-awareness. You’re going to discover a book with an energetic reading, full of fun stories and tips that really work, and in the end, you’re going to get to know the most difficult area of all: your own mind.

Parents Who Lead

Parents Who Lead
Source: Amazon

Author: Stewart D. Friedman, Alyssa F. Westring

The working form home period has it’s a good side too: we got the change to spend more time with our children. And since 2021 will look quite the same, at least for its first part, it seems like we’re going to spend some more time in the same way. But what if working from home turned out to be a challenge? 

The book Parents Who Lead presents a series of stories of working parents’ lives and teaches you how to project a lifestyle using your core principles, to engage children in meaningful activities when working from home. You will develop a sense of belonging and support for the most important dimensions of your life. You’re going to find new ways to live and work – at the same time. It is the roadmap you need to develop a better future, cultivate positive and mutually fulfilling relationships, and create a richer life for you and your children.

Parents Who Lead is among my favorite books on personal development that you should put your hands on in 2021.

How To Go To Work

Source: Amazon

Autor: Lucy Clayton, Steven Haines

The challenges faced in 2020 are not going away anytime soon. 2021 is set to be a year full of challenges, especially if you are desperately looking for a job. With many jobs lost due to the pandemic in 2020, employment competition is predicted to be very strong this year. Besides, there are likely to be adjustments that you, as a candidate, will have to foresee to overcome the competition. As big as the challenge is, you’re definitely not alone. How To Go To Work is a great addition to our list of books on personal development you consider reading this year.

Lucy Clayton, CEO, entrepreneur, and Steve Haines, educational adviser, have gathered the most important advice you need to get ahead of the job market in 2021. They interviewed a considerable number of influential people from all sectors for advice on how to find the best job, how to make a compelling online presentation, how to apply, and perform at an interview. This book also strengthens you mentally, increases self-confidence and stamina, and copes with normal ups and downs when looking for a job or forward your career.

Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage

Source: Amazon

Autor: Laura Huang

It’s a time when, if you have a stable job, you can consider ourself lucky. You choose to stay calm and wait until the storm is over. You’re putting your personal growth on standby – just for a while anyway, and wait. But what if you suddenly feel you’re getting obsolete? What if you’re losing your job the very next day?

The book Edge is is another great read on our list of books on personal development you should read in 2021. Simply said, Edge is focussing on enhancing your perspective. You can find out how you can turn your vulnerabilities into strengths and how you can build a “muscle” in any situation. 

Author Laura Huang tells you the story of how an entrepreneur invested even though he was originally despised for his foreign accent and how a presidential candidate resolved the voters’ concerns over his physical disability. An edge indicates that success requires understanding who you are and using that information wisely. After reading, it’ll be easier for you to recognize what makes you special and use that to upgrade yourself to the next level.

Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute To The World

Life's Great Question
Source: Amazon

Author: Tom Rath

A lot of times, our livelihood boils down to how we can get a better job. That’s why we feel stressed, and work doesn’t make us happy. But you asked yourself what the most important achievements you can make are? How high can you fly? This is a big topic in life. 

Life is really about what you can do to make the world around you better. The book Life’s Great Question will teach you how to make your job and life more meaningful. You’re going to explore a new way of looking at your career and life, much deeper than you ever thought before.

Tom Rath‘s bestseller Life’s Great Question is another great addition to our list of books on personal development to “devour” this year.

From all the books described above, which one will accompany you this year? Which book “talks to you the most” and which made the biggest change in your life and career? If you have any suggestions for personal development books I should add to this list, drop me a message in the comment section below or privately here.

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